Emergency Management

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What is emergency management?

The EOC is responsible for reducing the effects of disasters before they occur, planning for and coordinating the operations and response to a disaster, managing resources and coordination of recovery efforts following a disaster as well as providing public information. 

Department overview

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is managed by St. Cloud Fire Department Fire Chief Jason Miller, under the direction of the Director of Public Safety, Police Chief Douglas Goerke. The EOC is the coordinating office for the City's preparedness, response and recovery for all disasters that affect the City of St. Cloud.

We Educate the Public

We are committed to preparing and informing all city residents and businesses about the potential impact of disasters. 


The City of St. Cloud now has a Weatherbug weather station located at the City's EOC. Below is the web link you can use to access the weather data. This information is updated every minute.

Data being reported includes wind, temperature, heat index, humidity, rain, etc. There are also mobile apps available.

Weatherbug Station

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