Senior Watch Program

Meals on Wheels / St. Cloud Police / Osceola Council on Aging
The program is geared towards Senior citizens, 60 years of age and above, who primarily live alone. The program focuses on elderly crime prevention such as elderly abuse, neglect, exploitation, fraud, etc.

The program enables road patrol officers to visit seniors at their homes, establish a rapport, and to make sure their health and well being are being looked after properly. Any concerning issues that are observed are reported immediately. Depending on the severity of the observation, officers may contact The Department of Children and Families, Osceola Council on Aging, and/or their immediate family members. Patrol Officers make routine visits during daytime weekend hours at the seniors' residence. In the event a senior is not home, contact can be made by telephone; however, if the senior cannot be contacted/located, then officers reach out to Osceola Council on Aging in an effort to locate a family member and check on the seniors' well being.

With a large majority of senior residents, the St. Cloud Police Department has found a unique way to engage with the seniors within the community while deterring elderly crimes. The Senior Watch Program provides reassurance to seniors living alone, and without family living nearby by, providing weekly checks that are conducted by telephone and home visits to ensure the seniors are safe and well.

Emergency Magnets

Additionally, the St. Cloud Police Department provides Senior Watch members with emergency magnets. Magnets contain a list of non-emergency numbers, family/friends contacts, medication list, and DNRs. The magnets help seniors plan for emergencies and provide first responders with pertinent information during emergency situations.

Free Service & Participation

The Senior Watch Program is free of charge. It's a program that provides peace of mind to the individual, their family and friends, and reassures everyone that the St. Cloud Police Officers are looking out for them, reducing crimes and elderly victimization. Interested Seniors who are not a part of Osceola Council on Aging are required to register so that proper records can be readily accessible 24 hours a day for patrol officers and first responders during emergency situations. To sign up or for additional information, please contact Officer Lin Badman-Paton, Community Outreach Officer via email or at 407-891-6735.

The St. Cloud Police Department believes in building a better community. We stand ready to protect our citizens, with courage, compassion and integrity.
Senior Watch Program - Officer Visiting with Senior Woman