Bid Specifications

Invitation to Bid (ITB)

Solicitation of three or more offers to supply goods or services at a stated price and in full compliance with specifications and conditions. All purchases in excess of $25,000 for an item or group of items shall be made by first securing three or more sealed competitive proposals or bids. This shall in no way be construed as limiting the number of bids or proposals solicited; it being intended that as many competitive bids or proposals be secured as possible consistent with good purchasing practices.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Requires a vendor to provide a formal substantiation of credentials, certifications and qualifications, which demonstrate capability in all respects to perform fully the contract requirements. Among the factors to be considered in an RFQ are competency, adequacy of personnel, past record, and experience of the business or person.

Request for Quotes

Required for purchases in excess of $7,500 but less than $25,000 must be processed through Procurement Services with a QUO number assigned.

Procurement Card

Procurement cards are utilized by the city in an effort to expedite payments to our vendors and provide internal customers with the ability to make purchases within the City's established guidelines.