Doing Business with The City of St. Cloud

Business Opportunities

The City of St. Cloud welcomes the opportunity to do business with interested vendors. The city recommends that you become familiar with our purchasing policies and procedures. The contents of this publication are intended to be a very general guide. For any questions not answered, please contact Procurement Services.

Procurement Card

The City of St. Cloud has implemented a procurement card program to streamline our procurement process. By making purchases with the procurement card, we will be able to more effectively control our purchasing activities and achieve a significant cost savings over the current purchasing / payment system.

Bid Notification

All bid information is available through VendorLink or by calling Procurement Services at 407-957-7212.

What is Expected of the Vendor

All vendors will be afforded equal opportunity to quote and will compete on equal terms. The city expects the vendor to deal with honesty and integrity and to deliver a high quality product / service on time and as ordered. The vendor shall be a team player, have good communications, and have the necessary facilities, equipment, materials, and labor force to meet their obligations.


Bid results are made available after all bids have been tabulated and analyzed in accordance with Florida Statute 119. Information on results may be mailed or faxed to vendors upon request or accessed through VendorLink.