How the City Makes Purchases

Rules Governing Purchases and Contracts

Rules governing purchasing and contract procedures were established under the concept of open competitive bidding. The City of St. Cloud purchases in accordance with applicable laws, statutes, and ordinances. Purchase awards are made to the most responsible and responsive bidder whose bid is reasonable and otherwise in the best interest of The City of St. Cloud.

Purchase Regulations

All purchases less than $3,000 are made on the open market after establishing that prices are competitive. Purchases valued between $3,000 and up to $25,000 are made on the open market on a competitive bid basis without newspaper advertisement.

All City purchases with an estimated value of $25,000 or more are normally purchased by a formal sealed bid. These requirements are incorporated into a bid package that includes the City's standard terms and conditions. The formal sealed bids are advertised in local newspapers and are broadcast through DemandStar and VendorLink. Formal sealed bids are opened publicly at specified dates, times, and places. The award of formal sealed bids is to the lowest, most responsive, and responsible bidder.

Formal Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Formal requests for proposals (RFPs) are used when the city has no detailed specifications and solicits the vendor community for solutions to a particular requirement. These solicitations have specific award criteria that include price, but with the understanding that price may not necessarily be the determining factor in award.

Professional services (engineers, architects, land surveyors, and landscape architects) are selected in accordance with Florida State Statute 287.055, the Consultant's Competitive Negotiations Act.