Tips for Calling 911


Never call 911 and just hang up. Stay on the line and explain the error to the Operator. Our policy on hang up calls is to call back to determine if there is an emergency, and also send an officer to the location. This is to ensure that a person who may be incapacitated can receive help without having to talk on the phone. Sometimes hang up calls are false, and unnecessarily delay officers who may be needed on other calls.

  • Do not hang up
  • If you are in doubt as to whether a situation is an emergency or not, call 911
  • If the patient takes medication, have them ready for responders
  • Know where you are and be able to provide information to the operator immediately
  • Only use 911 for emergencies
  • Put away pets so they do not hinder responders
  • Remain calm and respond to all questions asked by the operator
  • Turn on an outside light so responders can easily locate you
  • Unlock the door for easy access by responders


  • Emergency calls include serious medical situations, crimes in progress, physical disturbances, traffic crashes with injuries, and all life threatening or potentially life threatening situations
  • Non-emergency calls are routine calls for service such as traffic crashes with no injury or roadblock, property crimes when the suspect is no longer present, animal complaints, loud music, and lost or found property.


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