Mount Peace Cemetery


755 East 10th Street
St. Cloud, FL 34769

Mount Peace Cemetery is set on 18 acres of beautiful open and wooded areas with 6,500 plots and 96 niches.
Each lot can hold one vault and two cremains or only four cremains.
Niches can hold up to two cremains.
Personal columbarium estate units are available with two or four doors.  A two door unit will hold up to four cremains.  A four door unit will hold up to eight cremains.
Each personal columbarium estate unit includes a 3.5 foot extended concrete area that allows visiting loved ones an area to stand off of the main walk path. Each unit has an alcove area for a vase. There is also an option to have a large engraved section across the front of the unit.     

NOTE:  Ad Valorem Tax Payer hereinafter referred to as AVTP.

Plot or Niche:
AVTP Rate: $800.00 each
Non AVTP Rate: $1,600.00 each

Personal Estate Columbarium Unit:
2 Door
AVTP Rate: $5,000.00 each
Non AVTP Rate: $7,000.00 each
4 Door
AVTP Rate: $8,000.00 each
Non AVTP Rate: $10,000.00 each 

Opening and Closing Fee - $100.00                                                                                                                                                                          
An opening and closing fee will be charged for each cremation burial, for a lot or a columbarium niche for up to sixty minutes.

Undersize Lots - $100.00                                                                                                                                                                                            
Undersize lots are for the burial of infants, defined as birth to one year, in Section F

Fees are subject to change.   


Mount Peace Cemetery was established in 1910. The cemetery was developed by Union Civil War Veterans and is the final resting place for more than 300 Union veterans. Mount Peace Cemetery is the final resting place for many veterans.  Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies are held here annually.

For more information please contact:
Michael Wager
407-957-7257 or 407-957-7392 

Individuals may visit St. Cloud Records Search to search the online burial records and maps. This website allows users to input the name of a deceased person and to then click on the deceased's name when it appears. The system will then bring the user to the deceased person's page and the user may then click the "View Memorial Page or Submit a Memory or Photo" icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

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