To promote conservation and protect the City of St.Clouds' natural resources through environmental education and practices, in an effort to ensure sustainability of resources today and for future generations.

The Importance of Water Conservation

Fresh, clean water is a limited precious resource. Water Conservation is the most important action we can take to sustain our water supplies, meet future needs, and reduce demands on Florida’s water. Using water efficiently and avoiding waste, is essential to ensure that we have adequate water today and into the future. It’s up to all of us to use the water we have wisely. Make conserving water a daily part of your life.


The Environmental Utilities Department offers simple fixes for your everyday household plumbing dilemmas as well as your conservation efforts by providing you the following items:

  • Dye Test Tablets
  • Faucet Aerators
  • Flow Diverters
  • Toilet Flappers

You can obtain these items by visiting St. Cloud Utilities located in City Hall, Building A on the 1st floor.

Irrigation Restrictions

There are many ways that Irrigation Restrictions are beneficial. These restrictions help to ensure that we are:

  • Watering infrequently, deeply and thoroughly to encourage deep roots for healthier and stronger grass
  • Only watering at the right time of day- before 10am or after 4pm
  • Not over-watering our lawns, making them less susceptible to disease and pests
  • Not wasting money on water that our lawn does not use beneficially

In order to provide adequate service to all of our potable water and reuse water customers and comply with South Florida Water Management District conservation initiatives, the City of St. Cloud has imposed mandatory 2 day a week watering schedules for both residential and commercial customers. Watering schedules are set by the last digit of your home or business's physical address. There is a schedule for both potable water irrigation and reuse water irrigation. if you are unsure of what type of irrigation water you have at your home or business, a tell tale sign would be the color of the irrigation heads. Purple irrigation heads are specifically used for reuse irrigation and your irrigation meter would also have a purple cap inside of the meter box. If you still have a question as to which irrigation schedule to follow, please contact Customer Service at 407-957-7344, and they will gladly assist you.

Please click on the link below to find your watering schedule:

Irrigation Schedule

**If you received an irrigation violation warning and would like to remove the warning from your St. Cloud Utilities Account, please click: Irrigation Violation Removal

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Artwork by: Vanessa Dunmire