Online Report Filing

The St. Cloud Police Department offers you the ability to report non-violent and property crimes, such as a theft or vehicle break-in, online. This serves to add convenience to our citizens and another way for our community to keep us informed.

Check your eligibility

If this is an emergency, please call 911 for an officer to respond in person. If there is a suspect that you can identify, you cannot report online. You must be 18 years of age, or older to file your report online. 

You can report the following incidents online:

  • Theft
  • Vehicle break-In*
  • Vandalism*
  • Harassing phone calls (with an unknown caller)
  • Lost property
  • Lost or Stolen License Plate
  • Fraud (Identity Theft)
  • Traffic Complaints
  • Ongoing Noise Complaints
  • Parking Lot Traffic Crashes
  • Past Suspicious Incidents
  • Tips, Complaints or any Issues you want brought to the Department’s Attention

*Many property crime cases yield no physical evidence or fingerprints. To ensure law enforcement resources are used efficiently for our community, officers do not go to your location to collect evidence or fingerprints if you report a property crime using this service. 

To report a threat to a school click here

Gather your information

Collect as much information as possible about your stolen property. Model numbers, serial numbers or any other way to identify your property are helpful.

We will ask for more information about you, your property and what happened.

Take photographs of any damage.  Scan or download any pertinent documents (such as bank statements, emails, screen shots) 

Complete the appropriate report and submit it to the Police Department

Click here to start your reporting.  Remember, the crime or incident must have occurred within the City Limits of St. Cloud. 

We’ll get back to you

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting your report. Once we review your report, if it’s accepted you will receive a case/event number within two business days.  You can give the case number to your insurance company for claims.

Contact us if you need to update your case

If you have more information, call us at 407.891.6700.