Online Reporting Instructions

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Follow these steps to report your incident 

  1. Click on the incident type below. 
  2. Complete the form.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email.

Incident Type



Lost Property

When property is missing or lost. Lost firearms may NOT be reported online.

Property that is missing, leaving items in a restaurant, hotel room, shopping mall or other unknown location.


Your property is taken without your permission.**STOLEN FIREARMS MAY NOT BE REPORTED ONLINE** Please call the St Cloud Police Department at 407.891.6700 to report stolen firearms and/or stolen vehicles. If illegal entry was made into your home, garage etc to steal the item(s), you may NOT file this report online.

Property known to be stolen may be reported. Lost property is not a theft. Stolen vehicles and firearms CANNOT be reported online.

Fraud/Identity Theft

An unauthorized person accesses your bank account or credit card, takes money by fraudulent or deceptive means, uses your identifying information without your permission, sends or uses a fraudulent check or information.

Unauthorized person taking money from your bank account. A bank account is opened in your name without permission.Unauthorized credit card charges. Fake checks or counterfeit currency.

Vandalism (Criminal Mischief)

The act of changing, modifying or defacing public or private property.

Graffiti, knocking over a mail box or fence, broken windows, etc.

Vandalism to Vehicle

Damage to or tampering with a Motor Vehicle.

Keying, broken windows, or slashed tires.

Vehicle Burglary

Unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle where property was removed. E-Reporting is a convenient alternative to report auto burglaries when there is no suspect information. Auto Burglaries without suspect information can not be actively investigated unless additional information is discovered.

If your vehicle has been burglarized and you have no suspect information. This report will be reviewed and filed with the SCPD. Should further information become available, your case may be reopened for investigation.

Harassing phone calls

Unauthorized or threatening calls from other persons.  This also includes scam calls in which there is no loss to the reporting party.

Prank phone calls, calls from telemarketers, calls from scammers, and any unknown person calling that seems suspicious.

Traffic Complaints

Ongoing, non-urgent, traffic issues where a person is not currently in danger.

This includes neighborhood parking issues, speeding, abandoned vehicles, and other traffic related issues.

Traffic Crashes

(links to DHSMV page)


Crashes that occurred in public places, no injuries reported, all parties are present, non DUI, cars can be driven away, non-commercial vehicle, and damage is less than $500.00. 

Two cars crash while backing in a grocery store parking lot, with minor damage, and both drivers agree to exchange information and report online. 

Past Suspicious Incidents

Incidents that are not currently occurring but are suspicious in nature. 

A suspicious vehicle or person was seen in the neighborhood overnight. A suspicious person was captured on home security video that seemed to be casing cars. 


Tips, complaints or any issues you want brought to the department’s attention