Two sworn officers are assigned to serve as training coordinators for the agency.  


  • Acting as a liaison with the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola
  • Implementing and planning for all the training held throughout the department
  • Maintaining adherence to guidelines and standards that must be met by all of our officers at the local, state and federal levels
  • Maintaining the armory inventory.
  • Providing support in lesson plan development, course curriculum material, travel and training arrangements, and in-service training
  • Scheduling and administering training in high liability areas such as firearms, use of force, police vehicle operations, and defensive tactics

Department Training

The Training Coordinators evaluate the department's training needs and coordinates job enhancement training for sworn employees. All training records are maintained by the Training Coordinators. Department training programs are reviewed, evaluated, updated and/or revised annually. This ensures training records complement personnel and operational needs, legal requirements, and agency policies.

Firing Range

The St. Cloud Police Department currently uses the Kissimmee Police Department's firing range. Each officer must qualify with their issued handgun, rifle, shotgun and less-lethal shotgun annually.

Images of police officers in training scenarios

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