Stormwater Awareness Week


WHEREAS, stormwater comes from rain and stormwater that does not soak into the ground becomes runoff. Runoff can become polluted (automotive fluids, fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, sediments, litter, and/or pet waste) as it runs along roads, sidewalks, parking lots, roofs, and lawns; and
WHEREAS, runoff flows into a storm sewer that eventually flows into waterways (rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans); and
WHEREAS, plants and soil filter water and improve water quality. Onsite improvements, such as porous pavement, stormwater ponds, native plants, rain gardens, and bioswales, help with pollution prevention in stormwater runoff; and
WHEREAS, the City of St. Cloud’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program promotes pollution prevention for our stormwater discharges; and
WHEREAS, by focusing attention on pollution prevention in stormwater runoff, the City of St. Cloud will meet the challenges of environmental protection and environmental regulation; and
WHEREAS, Stormwater Awareness Week is an opportunity for government, industry, and environmental organizations to recognize the potential of stormwater pollution prevention within our lakes, ponds, and other water bodies.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Nathan Blackwell, Mayor of the City of St. Cloud, Florida, do hereby proclaim the week of September 21– 25, 2020 as Stormwater Awareness Week.
​The City of St. Cloud Florida is calling upon each citizen and business to protect our lakes and ponds by participating in stormwater awareness workshops (

City of St. Cloud Stormwater Programs Presentation

During the Stormwater Awareness Week, we will be hosting an online St. Cloud Stormwater Programs presentation.  This presentation will be held on September 23, 2020 at 10:00 AM.  Please email to sign up for the presentation.  Please email us by noon on September 22nd.  A link to the presentation will be emailed to you.