Office of Professional Standards

Professional standards sergeant

The Professional Standards Sergeant is tasked with the management of the Training Unit, the Accreditation Manager, and the Recruiting Corporal. The Professional Standards Sergeant is also the Internal Affairs Investigator. This position is responsible for conducting an annual review of policies and procedures, investigates complaints against department members, conducts spot check audits, and assists the office of the Chief of Police with other tasks. 

Training coordinators 

The Training Coordinators are responsible for making sure all sworn law enforcement officers stay in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission and agency policy. Training Coordinators are also tasked with; the maintenance of officer training records, lesson plans, maintaining the department armory, issuing weapons, researching new training, ordering equipment, scheduling outside department training, coordinating agency in service training, and act as a liaison with the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola. 

professional standards corporal

The Professional Standards Corporal is the backup internal affairs investigator and is responsible for background investigations for all department recruitment. The Professional Standards Corporal manages the Field Training Officer Program which includes; screening officers who want to become trainers, creates phase requirements for recruits, conducts quality assurance spot checks to make sure only the most qualified officers are teaching new employees, and conducts quarterly trainings with the selected Field Training Officers. Additional duties include managing interns and conducts staff studies.

accreditation manager

The Accreditation Manager is a sworn officer who is responsible for overseeing the accreditation and re-accreditation process. This requires a plan for long-term integration of department policies and procedures to meet the requirements set forth by State and Federal agencies. Being a certified Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation Agency, the Accreditation Manager is also tasked with the oversight of all audits and staying up to date with any changes to the CFA standards.  The Accreditation Manager is also the agency administrator for Power DMS which provides immediate access to policy and procedures for all department members. 


Sergeant Mondello

Sergeant Anthony Mondello
Professional Standards

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