Comprehensive Plan

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City of St. Cloud Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of St. Cloud has begun the process to update its Comprehensive Plan. To conduct this update, the City has hired a consulting firm to prepare the draft for consideration by the City Council. 

The Comprehensive Plan is an overarching document comprised of goals and policies, similar to a strategic plan. The purpose is to guide the growth and development of the City’s future and provide a foundation for regulations on how property is developed in the City. This includes the provision of water and wastewater, planning for transportation needs, and the protection of the environment. This update process includes:

  • Analysis. The City of St. Cloud has a large number of adopted documents and agreements that the Comprehensive Plan Update Team will review. The Team will utilize this information to maintain consistency with work that the city has completed. We are focusing primarily on the Envision St. Cloud Plan, the Community Redevelopment Agency Master Plan and the Local Mitigation Strategy. However, there are more than a dozen other documents we are including in this review. 
  • Meetings with stakeholders. As part of the process, the Comprehensive Plan Team met with staff from the County Planning Department, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the School District, the Chamber President, the Main Street Director, the Director of Orlando Health St. Cloud, most of the department heads for the City of St. Cloud and the Mayor, Vice Mayor and all of the Council Members. 
  • A public participation opportunity. Over the course of the next few months there will be opportunities for residents and business owners of St. Cloud to provide feedback regarding the content of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Development of the goals, objectives and policies. The analysis and input will result in the creation of recommended goals, objectives and policies. These will be devised to implement the vision of the City of St. Cloud. 
  • Council adoption of the Plan. The Comprehensive Plan Team will present the proposed updated Comprehensive Plan to the City Council for input and eventual approval.
  • State Review. The Comprehensive Plan update will be submitted to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and other reviewing state agencies such as the Department of Transportation, for review against significant state issues and/or conditions.

Once the plan has been reviewed by the state agencies and subsequently adopted by City Council, the updated Comprehensive Plan will be implemented in the City of St. Cloud.  The next step in the process will be to ensure the Land Development Regulations are consistent and implement the Comprehensive Plan. 

Current Comprehensive Plan