Manage all software applications for the enterprise. The Information Technology Department maintains and supports custom developed and off-the-shelf computer applications, including specialized products for the enterprise, public safety, and community services.  Many of our software applications including mobile Apps and Geographic Information Systems are used to enhance the delivery of government services for the residents and businesses of St. Cloud.


Manage and support all software applications for the enterprise. The IT department maintains and supports specialized computer programs and off-the-shelf applications.  Many of these software programs are used by our public-safety and enterprise departments to deliver critical services for our residents and businesses in the City.    This includes departments such as Finance, Building and Permitting, Economic Development, Planning, Public Works, Environmental Utilities, Parks and Recreations, Community Services, Police and Fire.  These applications require secured and high-available networks and resilient computing systems to ensure continuous access to on-line cloud systems and on-premise data center applications.  


Support the utilization of Content Management Systems. Assist in the design, development and maintenance of digital content across the city. Support departmental updates of Web sites, Mobile Apps, Digital Signage, Social Media systems, Collaboration platforms, and other systems.


Manage the business needs, data, and the organization of geographic information across the enterprise. GIS is an analytical and intelligence tool that can provide insights with geographical data to understand trends, correlate interactions, and support business group collaborations. Perform spatial analysis through the manipulation of spatial data with statistical modeling.  The results of these efforts are displayed in maps, charts, graphs, web portals, mobile apps and spreadsheets to assist stakeholders and executives with actionable information to support key operations and master plans.


Provide data analysis services for the City using Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and data analytic tools.  This includes data intelligence and visualizations along with predictive modeling functions for enhancing public safety operations and general government business processes, operations and strategic management.


Provide and manage Citywide CCTV security cameras and physical access control systems for all facilities.