Step 5: Build Responsibly

Colored graphic tile representing water.All development within the City requires a permit. Always check and fulfill permitting requirements with the Building Department at 407-957-7224 before you build on, alter, fill, or re-grade on any portion of your property and/or within any easement or right-of-way. Also, contact the Building Department to report any suspected permitting violations. Remember, when building or grading, always maintain a clear area between lots for drainage.

The NFIP requires that if the cost of reconstruction, additions, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50% of the building’s market value, then the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building. Substantially damaged buildings must also be brought up to the same standards.

For example, a residence damaged so that the cost of repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the building’s value before it was damaged must be elevated 16 inches above the base flood elevation. Please contact the Building Department at 407-957-7224 for more information.

Colored graphic tile representing water.STEP 6: PROTECT NATURAL FLOODPLAIN FUNCTIONS