Step 9: Flood Education

Colored graphic tile representing water. Our floodplains and drainage system are important resources for flood protection. Poorly planned development in floodplains can lead to streambank erosion, loss of property, increased risk of flooding to downstream properties and degradation of streams, channels, lakes and canals.

Understanding and protecting the natural functions of the City’s floodplains and drainage system, such as wetlands, swamps, and ditches, helps reduce flood damage and protect natural resources. When rainfall drains into floodplains, it filters into the groundwater. Groundwater is the primary drinking water source in Central Florida, so it is important to maintain floodplain areas in order to protect our water quality. Contact the Association of State Floodplain Managers at for more information.

Colored graphic tile representing water.STEP 10: BUY FLOOD INSURANCE IN LOW RISK ZONES