City Clerk


The city clerk is the custodian of the seal of the city and of all records pertaining to the affairs of the municipality. The city clerk shall have the power to administer oaths and to certify, under the seal of the city, true copies of minutes, journal entries, and other records of the city. The city clerk shall perform such other duties as may be required by the general laws of the State of Florida, by ordinance or resolution of the City Council, or by direction of the city manager not inconsistent with the charter or with any ordinance or resolution passed by the City Council.

The responsibilities of the city clerk's office include:

  • Attending City Council meetings and works sessions
  • Being responsible for the identifications of historical records and the protection of these records
  • Coordinating and conducting municipal elections procedures in compliance with state statues
  • Coordinating the codification and distribution of supplemental updates of the City Code
  • Coordinating the preparation of the City Council agendas
  • Ensuring proper maintenance, storage, and timely disposal of city records in accordance with state statues
  • Maintaining documentation relating to appointments to the various boards and committees
  • Maintaining records and files contracts, ordinances, resolutions, Interlocal agreements, City Council minutes, deeds, easements, grants, maintenance and performance bonds, and other official records
  • Preparing and publishing legal notices in accordance with requirements and maintaining proof of publication
  • Preparing ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations
  • Researching official records for citizens and city personnel upon request in compliance with Florida Public Records and allow for the inspection and examination by any person, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions, and under the supervision of the city clerk's office
  • Serving as custodian for official city records
  • Working with all departments to establish a records management systems, including identifying records and preparing records retention reschedules for each city department to promote economical and efficient management records