Mayor Nathan Blackwell - Seat 1

Seat 1 - Mayor Nathan Blackwell

Term: 11/20 – 11/24

Mayor Blackwell has been a resident of St. Cloud since 1988. In addition to being the mayor, he holds the following committee assignments:

  • Christmas for the Kids Osceola, Inc. Executive Board
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Florida League of Mayors
  • St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee
  • St. Cloud/OUC Joint Contract Administration Committee
  • Tri-County League of Cities

About Mayor Blackwell

  • Family - Mayor Blackwell and his wife, Trish, have two adult children and five grandchildren
  • Education - Master of Divinity Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Employer - Cornerstone Family Church
  • Occupation - Senior Pastor