Media Relations

Media Inquiries

The City’s goal is to foster cooperation between the City of St. Cloud and the media to ensure that information is accurate and timely. All media inquiries to a department should be reported to the Communications and Public Affairs Officer in a timely manner, via e-mail or phone call.

All media requests for public records must be filed with the City Clerk’s office via a public records request per the established policies for obtaining public information. If any guidance is needed on inquiries from the media, please contact Maryemma Bachelder, Communications Director, at 407-957-7303 or email

All media inquiries involving the St. Cloud Police Department or the St. Cloud Fire Department should be reported to Sergeant Frankie De La Rosa, Public Information Officer at 407-891-6700 or email Sgt. Jose Nater at

Press Releases 

City of St. Cloud press releases distributed by the Communications Director are available in English and Spanish. Visit the homepage of this website for most recent press releases.