Permit Information

All permits received after 3:00pm will be considered received the next Business Day.

The Building Department operates under the 7th Edition of the Florida Building Code.

The ultimate design wind speed, Vult for risk category ll Buildings and other structures, is 140 MPH for the City of St. Cloud.

Is A Permit Required?

Whether you are a homeowner or a licensed contractor who wished to construct or develop within the City of St. Cloud, a permit is often required prior to starting on a proposed project.

  1. No Permit Required
  2. Permit Required


  • Air Conditioning Window Unit: Unit in existing opening with existing electrical
  • Appliance Replacement: Excluding hot water heater
  • Bath Tub - Apartments & Condominium: Permits are required for 2nd floor and above
  • Bath Tub- Single Family & Duplex- No permit if replacing in existing location
  • Cabinets - Replacing existing
  • Carpeting
  • Doors- Replacing interior only
  • Driveway - reseal existing on-site asphalt for single family/duplex - no striping (any work within the right-of-way requires Public Works and Engineering approval)
  • Drywall - Wall repair excluding fire & smoke rated walls
  • Electrical - Replacing existing light fixtures, fans, outlets, switch or cover plates with a similar approved product
  • Gutters - Residential only
  • Painting
  • Pavers (Driveways/ Sidewalk Please see Utilities Department) 
  • Plumbing - Stopping leaks, clearing drain stoppages, and replacing faucets provided such work does not involve or require replacement / rearrangement of valves or pipes
  • Screen Room - Replacing screening only
  • Siding Repair up to 32 sq. feet
  • Sink or Faucet - Replace existing using existing supply and drain
  • Soffit or Fascia - Repair ( not including structural members)
  • Water Closet - Replace in existing location
  • Window Glazing
  • Window Repair
  • Wood Deck - Repair up to 20 sq. feet

View all Building Department forms or view most common Building Permit Application Packets.

Where repairs must be performed in an emergency situation, the permit application shall be submitted within the next working business day to the building official.

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