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You will receive a billing statement with an insurance information form several weeks after your incident. Even though you may have given your insurance information at the time of transportation, it is strongly recommended you complete the insurance information form and return it to the City of St. Cloud Fire Rescue in the return envelope provided or call to update your information.

Insurance companies will normally cover the fees for medically necessary transportation. Medicare and Medicaid require that all ambulance transportation's be medically necessary or they will not pay. Should this occur, you will be responsible for the complete bill.

Some insurance companies have a 60-90 day requirement for filing. If your insurance company has that requirement, you should contact the billing department as soon as possible following the incident and alert them to the need to file within the designated time frame.


If you are providing your co-pay or paying for services, please provide a personal check, cashier's check, or money order, and include the account number on the check. Make check payable to: "St. Cloud Fire Rescue." Please do not send cash. Please mail in your payment to our office location shown below. 

Credit card payments accepted made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX through our online portal. Please note that we do not accept credit card payments over the phone.

Emergency Transportation Fees 

As of January 2022 our rates for emergency medical transportation is $775 - $850, depending on the services rendered. An additional charge of $12.00 per mile from your emergency scene to the hospital will be included on the billing statement. Oxygen fees are $25.00 and treatment / no transport fees will be a flat fee of $400. 


For dates of service prior to 5/1/2022 please call - Phone: 407-957-8485 
For dates of service after 5/1/2022 please call - Phone: 888-334-3230
Fax: 407-957-8442

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*Should you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, we encourage you to contact our billing department at 407-957-8485 / 407-957-8489 to discuss making payment arrangements.