General Information

The Information Technology Department

for the City of St. Cloud has the responsibility of providing a variety of services related to computer and telecommunications services, application software development and support, production services and training internally to all City users and departments. Just a few of these services are:

Development and maintenance of the City's core communication infrastructure including the local and wide area network. Maintenance of file and application servers and network security, asset management, software distribution, and technical support for hardware and software, design, development, implementation and continued support of specialized applications, data, and databases citywide.

Our 'help desk' programs ensure high levels of support and training by utilizing the latest available technologies, which provide our users with more efficient and cost-effective results. We are better able to respond to calls for immediate technical assistance, installing software applications or upgrades, deploying network equipment, and performing major and minor repairs of various pieces of equipment. The I.T. staff members may be seen in and around administrative offices, as we work to provide solutions to technical problems.

Technology changes rapidly and new systems and procedures are continually being installed and implemented. The I.T. Department strives to translate this technology into higher productivity for our agencies and departments, higher quality output and reduced costs of operations that ultimately benefit the citizens of St. Cloud.

The I.T. Department is an exclusive internal service for the City of St. Cloud; therefore, public access to the department is limited.

GIS/CAD Departments

The GIS and CAD Departments are divisions of Information Technology responsible for cartography (maps), cad – computer aided drafting (engineering-type drawings) geodatabase administration and graphic design, as well as many other specialized operations as needed.