Information Technology Department 


Provide innovative solutions to accelerate the City’s digital transformation.


Improve our customer services; keep updated with the latest technology; standardize our process & procedures; maintain reliable & consistent IT services; build a creative and diverse high-performance team; and make a positive impact in our community where we live and work.


  • Focus on customer service and responsiveness to our customers and stakeholders.
  • Be consistent and well-coordinated in inter-departmental cooperation and coordination in the provisioning of our IT services.
  • Strive for sufficient staffing and training for our department to provide appropriate services and increase our service levels to meet our customers’ expectations and IT service demands.
  • Fully utilize software systems to provide insight into operational performance and analyze for opportunities to enhance business processes or service delivery.
  • Increase our abilities to effectively plan, manage, and understand emerging technological business service trends.
  • Continue to improve and enhance our performance levels and capabilities for greater efficiency and effectiveness.